Quick Start

Fast lane



Python 3.6+

To install mmp:

$ pip3 install mmp

First commands

For installing modules into your project

$ mmp install [module_name]

Install modules

With this done you can start adding some modules to your project just by running

$ mmp install [module_name]

That command not only adds the module to your pip_modules the command also updates, the requirements.txt file adding the module like this.



Uninstalling modules:

$ mmp uninstall [module_name]

Run project

This is how you run your scripts.

$ mmp run my_perfect_script.py

by the way if your script file name is run.py run this instead.

$ mmp run

If you want to run a cli on your modules

$ mmp orator make:model User


If you need help, just add -h to whatever you want to know about

$ mmp -h
$ mmp run -h