Scripts and Modules cli

The first section of the cli is the run section, you can run your own python scripts of your project or the cli solutions of your modules.



This are the available options on the run command, you can run without a specific file that will take ass the running file to load

Run python files with the enviroment modules
usage: run [<file>]

Or specifying a file by adding the file path and name after the run statement.

$ mmp run [path_to_file][file_name]

The default path is the relative path so if you'r in the file folder you can run this

$ mmp run [file_name]


Taking this example into consideration


Where requirements.txt file has this values


And in the other hand and has this

import requests
from orator import Model
print('run '+[1 on run 2 on run_2])

The its setted by default to the mmp run command but you can send a specific one like this.


Modules cli

In the case that you install a module that has some cli commands that you want to run, you can use the pass command that its implemented on mmp. On this example we are using a orm named orator

$ mmp orator make:model Example -m