Intro to the cli

Know everything

This cli program has been created basing on docker-compose structure. Using the same docopt library, this allows us to have a -h option on every command that we have.


I'm looking to make a refactor on the structure based on pip repository, because the single class its getting to big and a little confusing pip source code

If you do the -h on the index command you can see all the commands available on the cli.

$ mmp -h
Install and handle your pip dependencies fast and easy
mmp [options] [--] [COMMAND] [ARGS...]
mmp -h|--help
-v, --version Shows mmp version
run Run python files with the environment modules
install Install your libraries on pip_modules
init Create requirements.txt to to add python libraries
upgrade Upgrade module on the pip_modules
uninstall remove libraries from pip_modules
clean Clean all the libraries and reinstall requirements

Here we have all the specific commands that you can use. the only one that isn't documented in here its the command bypass to the pip_modules.