Python module manager


I'm Alfonso Villalobos a software engineer from México, most of what i do on my job on a day to day bases is software architecture, api development and a little of scripting for whatever the company need at the time.


The mmp project was created, to solve the library handling problem with python the

$ source [path_to_virtualenv]/bin/activate

Was an excellent solution in the beginning but its not suitable for the standards of today, python its getting better and better day by day and the community is one of the largest.

I have been using libraries on almost every project that i have created with python and the trouble of trowing this command to get a crontab running was to big of a hassle.

$ cd [path_to_your_script]
$ [path_to_your_script][path_to_virtualenv]/bin/python [path_to_your_script][script_to_run]

Looking to that monstrosity, doing this its a lot better

$ cd [path_to_your_script]
$ mmp run [script_to_run]